Making the Grade: The Teen's Guide to Homework Success

Making the Grade: The Teen's Guide to Homework Success


Janice Gabe provides a valuable resource for teens who struggle with homework, and schoolwork.  This practical, easy-to-read, entertaining, interesting and realistic book is a culmination of 20 years of experience in working with teens.  It provides teens with keys to finding internal motivation, developing organizational and test-taking skills, and changing self-sabotaging behavior.

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What teens say about making the grade

"I had a hard time in middle school with grades and homework, but I wouldn't have if I had read this book.  Janice has written a practical guide to help kids succeed in school.  I think this is a book every teen should have and every parent should read.  Janice has a hold on the teen perspectives on things.  She never talks down to or ridicules teens.  She understands them.  Help is on the way for homework." -Kelen, age 14

"Like most students, I see homework as a necessary evil and hate doing it.  However, there is hope.  This book provides innumerable gems of wisdom to help students with their organizational skills and mental attitude as well as a chapter filled with information every parent should know." -Adam, age 16

'This book is GREAT.  Janice uses humor and honesty to address a serious subject.  Too many books that deal with this subject are directed completely toward parents, but this book goes right to the source, the kids.  Her unique style of writing is in a language that kids understand.  I highly recommend this book to any teen who is having trouble in school." -Justin, age 18