Substance Use and Anxiety Disorders by Janice Gabe

Substance Use and Anxiety Disorders by Janice Gabe


Book 1 of 2 in the Adolescent Co-Occuring Disorders workbook series.


 Substance Use and Anxiety Disorders workbook by Janice Gabe.  Published by Hazeldon.

 106 pages.  Price: $55.00


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New Perspectives offers two workbooks designed specifically for teens and young adults, utilizing their language, addressing their stories and teaching skills that are relevant and effective.   

These workbooks utilize evidence based principles presented in a format that is appealing to teens.  Teens will be able to read stories written by the adolescent contributors, receive information about their diagnosis and be introduced to a variety of skills necessary to deal with the physical, cognitive and emotional dimensions of anxiety, mood disorders and substance use disorders.

 The workbooks provide a comprehensive chapter by chapter start to finish program and are reproducible, so they can be used multiple times and are appropriate for groups as well as individual settings.

    Adolescent Co-Occuring Disorders

    Series: Published by Hazelden