Trouble with Bubble D by Betty "Bo" Hagan

Trouble with Bubble D by Betty "Bo" Hagan


Go on an exciting adventure with the Bee Team as the face critical choices and experience the consequences of keeping secrets.  As their friend starts to break rules, cause problems, and mistreat his teammates, the team hides his behavior while becoming afraid, angry, frustrated, and confused.  Ultimately the team makes the right choice before a crisis takes place.  This wonderful entertaining story teaches valuable life lessons as well as celebrates the strength and wisdom of children.

The Trouble With Bumble D was written to assist teachers, counselors, and parents in exploring valuable life lessons with children.  Bumble D is based on research showing that children are exposed to life's pitfalls at increasingly younger ages and developing their decision making skills can increase the likelihood of them making the right decision.  Complete with a discussion guide which provides simple lessons related to character development, bullying, science and substance abuse prevention and emotional intelligence, the book is a unique resource for parents and teachers.

The illustrations carry an empowering message in that the artwork was done by 10 year old Kerri Jones. 

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