Why Become a Value Centered Family?

·        Families, like all well-functioning organizations need to be directed by a core value and belief system.

·        Rules, structure and organization of the family exists in order to operationalize the family value system.

·        Family values provide a compass which gives direction and focus to the family system.

·        It is the value system that promotes attitude that in turn drives behavior.  In other words, a healthy value system creates appropriate behavior in children.

·        The primary purpose of discipline is to teach values.

·        Shared values are the core of healthy, long lasting relationships.

·        There is so much parenting advice being given to parents.  If parents do not have a clear understanding of their value system, it is difficult for them to decide what advice is appropriate and right for their family.

(This information is taken from Janice Gabe’s Publication “Confident Parenting in a Complex World.” Copyright 2015)